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Rokkado-Hanaji Drink (Made in Japan)

Rokkado-Hanaji Drink (Made in Japan)


Hanaji Drink ALL IN ONE LIQUID ( 20ml x 7 packs) - MADE IN JAPAN


Hua Ji Drink adopts the concept of "whitening, anti-sugar, oil separation, collagen" for healthy skin and slimming . It adopts the excellent technology from Japan and contains a variety of natural ingredients, which can help intestinal health. It contains fish collagen peptides, resveratrol, bird's nest extract , hawthorn extract , red grape seed extract , 88 kinds of plant enzymes , vitamin B and other ingredients, which can improve the skin's anti-glycation, so that the pores are enlarged and the skin is rough , Inhibit free radicals and UV damage , effectively lighten dark spots, whiten and tender skin , and delay aging. In addition to improving the skin and intestinal tract, the formula also adds mugwort extract and indigestible dextrin, which can effectively reduce the absorption of sugar and fat powder, resist glycation and remove dark yellow on the face, improve whitening and have a slimming effect.


Main ingredients:

Fish Collagen Peptides

Supplements the nutrients needed by the skin, activates collagen enhancement , and firmly locks in moisture


Bird's Nest Extract

Contains mitogen and epidermal growth factor

Supplement protein to prevent skin sagging


Hawthorn Extract

Promote appetite, promote digestion , lower triglycerides in the body and serum cholesterol

Vitamin C , carotene, etc. can reduce the formation of free radicals


Chamomile Extract

Improve dehydration and dryness and peeling


Indigestible dextrin ( water soluble fiber )

Effectively reduce the absorption of sugar and oil , increase satiety and reduce calorie intake

Balance the gut probiotic environment


Mugwort Extract

Anti-glycation , skin yellowing , brightening and whitening

Helps metabolism and blood circulation


Rice Germ with Ceramides

powerful moisturizing effect

Helps skin lock in moisture


Red Grape Seed Extract

Remove free radicals and delay aging


Easy to drink, KEEP to stay beautiful!! (It is best to drink for 28 consecutive days, the effect is better!! )

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