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Liuhuatang- Enzyme slimming pills

Liuhuatang- Enzyme slimming pills


Enzyme Slimming Pills (90 Capsules) - MADE IN JAPAN


Japan's own factory and team produce ingredients, using exclusive natural ingredients, including dietary fiber fermented extract, magnesium, indigestible dextrin and lactic acid bacteria. It can slow down the absorption of sugar, help inhibit the absorption of fat, help detoxification, improve intestinal health and promote new metabolism and other functions. Therefore, the improvement starts from the inside of the body, because after the internal improvement, the improvement will also be transmitted to the skin, so that the skin will also be improved. This is what "beautiful from the inside out" means. Take 3 capsules before lunch and dinner each day to keep your health and beauty simple and easy. If used together with Liuhuatang Slimming Gel, the effect is even better.


Main ingredients: 

Japanese black tea mushroom

It can improve constipation, help to eliminate toxins from the body, and also control weight and appetite, improve metabolism and immunity, anti-aging, and improve skin and hair quality.


Tibetan Lactobacillus
1 gram contains 4 trillion lactic acid bacteria, only a small amount is needed for good bowel movement
And improve intestinal effect, help digestion, promote intestinal peristalsis, stabilize blood sugar, help lower cholesterol, increase nutrient absorption, enhance immunity and prevent colds

Indigestible dextrin <water soluble fiber>
Block sugar absorption, break down fat, help regulate blood triglyceride levels


  More than 80 kinds of fruit and plant enzymes: have the functions of cell regeneration, cell revival, detoxification, blood purification, and metabolism promotion


  The above ingredients do not contain side effects such as dehydration and laxatives, and the ingredients are natural and healthy!! 
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