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KASHITO Apple Stem Cell Mask

KASHITO Apple Stem Cell Mask


A new generation multi-functional mask developed by a famous Japanese cosmetic ingredient expert with "Apple Fruit Cultured Cell Essence" and as many as 18 kinds of nutrients.


The fiber cotton mask paper used in this mask is light and skin-friendly. The strong water absorption and water-locking functions of the fiber cotton allow the essence in the mask to penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum after contacting the skin, and users will feel that every corner of the facial skin is full of Moisturizes, skin appears delicately radiant, soft and firm after use.


The 35ml large-capacity essence ensures that the thick essence penetrates deep into the stratum corneum during the 15-20-minute care process, which is absolutely moisturizing and not drying.


A box of 5 pieces, one contains a high-volume 35ml serum

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