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​Healthy weight loss essentials

Liuhuatang sugar-separated belly slimming pills are also made by their own factories and teams in Japan, using exclusive natural ingredients:

(1) Japanese-made red tea grinder:
💟Improve immunity, help constipation 💟Toxins in the body and ingredients that cause bad smell

(2) Tibetan Lactobacillus: 
🈵1 gram contains 4 trillion Lactobacillus 🈵Only a small amount is needed to defecate and improve intestinal effects 🈵Helps digestion, promotes intestinal peristalsis cold

(3) Indigestible dextrin <dietary fiber>:
🉑Block sugar absorption 🉑Break down fat 🉑Help regulate blood triglyceride levels

(4) More than 80 kinds of fruit and plant enzymes:
🉐It has the functions of cell regeneration 🉐Cell resurrection 🉐Detoxification, blood purification 🉐Promote metabolism, etc.

❗❌The above ingredients are absolutely free of side effects such as dehydration and laxatives.❌❗

✅The ingredients are natural and healthy, and you can lose weight while breastfeeding ✅------------------------------------ -------------------------
🔥Use together with Liuhuatang Sugar-separated Fat Reduction Pill and Face Slimming Firming Gel, both internal and external slimming, to achieve perfect natural slimming👸🏻

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