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Japanese dermatologists recommend skin care products DR. DEN GEL PACK


DR.DEN's main customers in Japan and Hong Kong are professional beauty centers. Due to the therapeutic nature of the product, it is recommended that users follow the instructions and the number of days of use for treatment


DR.DEN GEL PACK mainly through the carbonic acid effect produced by the mixing of powder and GEL, to increase blood circulation and new layer metabolism of the skin, dilate blood vessels, and promote the discharge of old things. It is specially used for acne-prone skin, to remove marks or face. Significant improvement in pigmentation. Especially after laser, IPL, optical treatment, water light treatment.


Through the test conducted by the hospital, the fairness of the skin, the effect of removing the print, and the recovery of the wound can be improved by DR. DEN GEL PACK. It can enhance the skin's resistance to external stimuli and reduce the skin's skin sensitivity caused by external stimuli.  If the skin is good, it can be used once a week to achieve maintenance effect. The efficacy of DR.DEN cannot be compared with the external CO2 MASK. The effectiveness and medical properties far exceed other similar brands


If the skin is effective for acne, acne or problem skin. It needs to be used once a day, and the course of treatment is once every 21 days. In severe cases, 3 courses of treatment are required.



How to use: Mix POWDER PACK and GEL PACK in the box and stir well,  Then apply it all over. Avoid the eye area. After 30 minutes, wash it off completely. For the first 2-3 minutes of use, the face will be red due to the activation of blood circulation by carbonic acid. If you feel any discomfort, please stop using it immediately.


Effects: Treats acne, repairs wounds, removes blemishes, balances skin tone, whitens, increases skin cleanliness and elasticity, with small facial fruit




After 51 days of continuous use, the acne was improved and the face shape became smaller

In 2008, published by the Japanese Society for Formation Surgery, a case of customer repair treatment after laser treatment. Wound repair after using gel pack is better than no use.

Before guests use

After guests use

The red reduction effect is remarkable (used once DR.DEN)

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