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High Repair Essence Mask  Bai Bingji


High-concentration hyaluronic acid has a high effect on improving skin texture. It is normal to feel tightened after use. If you feel hot, red, swollen, or itchy, please stop using it immediately. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use it for 15 minutes, then rinse, and then Apply skin care products. 

For normal skin or dry skin, you don't need to wash it, just apply the cream to sleep. It is recommended that you don't need to use sleeping mask or other essence. 

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Maruno International's best-selling product - the second generation  #baibingji  Repair essence liquid facial mask, in addition to containing two functions of water lock and hydration💧, it is also a repair savior after acupuncture 😍.

‼ Personal evidence, guarantee no PS retouching ingredients 🙅‍♀
☘👍🏻After applying the water light and then applying Bai Bingji, the repair effect is very remarkable💯
☘👍🏻 Apply Bai Bing Ji for 15 minutes, the redness and swelling will subside💯
☘👍🏻Blood marks disappear instantly, while repairing and hydrating the skin💯
☘👍🏻No signs of rebound and side effects💯

The characteristic of Bai Bingji is that it is added with "hyaluronic acid oil film" to protect damaged wounds and sensitive skin. Therefore, the texture will be thicker. Water-soluble hyaluronic acid is also incorporated in the inside, and the small molecules of water-soluble hyaluronic acid penetrate into the skin to improve the skin condition. The combination of the two can play a repairing and protective effect.
Bai Bing Ji Essence Mask helps the skin to be oily at night due to low moisture content in the air or lack of water when the weather is dry. It enables the skin to undergo body layer metabolism and long-term moisturizing during sleep.

Bai Bingji mainly keeps moisturizing and moisturizing the skin at night. Using it continuously for 10 days can improve the skin quality and strengthen the skin.
Bai Bingji's first hit sale in 2019🔥Limited quantity‼ Hurry up and try to scare Bai Bingji and feel the miracle of hydrating and repairing the skin~

- Bearberry, also known as bear grape, bearberry (Bearberry)
- Hyaluronic acid NA
-Sakura flower extract



Water-soluble and oil-soluble hyaluronic acid are the two major functions of water retention and hydration. Water-soluble hyaluronic acid can quickly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin to replenish moisture. Oil-soluble hyaluronic acid forms a hyaluronic acid oil film to lock water and protect the skin surface. Brings a moisturizing effect, especially for the protection of wounded skin. In addition to containing high concentration of hyaluronic acid, the new formula is combined with cherry blossom extract to resist oxidation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Bearberry can reduce the formation of skin melanin and has a whitening effect.

It is a moisturizing, anti-oxidant, melanin-reducing and repairing multi-functional essence mask

1. It is recommended to use 3ML on the whole face for 10 consecutive days before going to bed after the water-light micro-shaping micro-needling or laser treatment can accelerate the repair of wounds and supplement nutrients

2. If the skin is dry and the face is dull, it is recommended to use 1.5ML before going to bed
If the skin adapts to the second day, you can use 2ML

3. For daily use, it is recommended to use 0.5-1ML before going to bed and after washing your face in the morning
If the weather is dry, 1.5ML can be used for daily care. The amount can be adjusted according to the skin condition

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Bai Bingji Daytime Repair Moisturizing Essence, as the most penetrating product, is especially suitable for strengthening and repairing skin that is fragile, damaged, and needs to be strengthened. Lehi; Tremella polysaccharide extract that can improve skin moisture content and light spots; Strawberry Saxifraga extract, Mulberry root extract and Arbutin that inhibit melanin formation and whiten skin; Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and enhance skin defense Potassium glycyrrhizate and chamomile extract, etc., start to consolidate the source of beauty from the root of the skin.

To ensure the freshness of the vial, each stick contains 5ml of essence
​There are 6 sticks in each box, each 5ml/stick, each stick should be used up within 3-4 days after opening
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