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White ゆり (白合) hot spring mud comes from the sulphur hot spring in Shiohara district. Purely harvested in the hot spring, without any added ingredients, it already has natural preservatives. It is an exclusive product that can have the effect of hot spring without going to Japan. All natural product.


The hot spring mud contains natural sulfur hot spring water. Since the mud will also precipitate, it will form two layers with the hot spring water. This is normal. Since the hot spring mud is the soil that has been deposited under the hot spring for many years, the particles will vary in size. Rinse on the face for 1 minute. Because it is a sulfur spring, the smell is very strong. Not every customer can accept it. If you want to buy, please contact us first.


Efficacy: Cleans pores, exfoliates, softens, softens and whitens skin


It should be noted that every time you take the mud, be sure to stir it evenly and apply it on your face or body. If only mud is left without the hot spring water at the end, the mud will become hard and the hot spring mud will be wasted.  


Be careful to have hot spring water at the end.




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