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​​Racne Blu-ray Technology Acne Pencil - Japan original, 24 hours acne eradication! The pen-shaped design is convenient to use, and it is better to use it in the morning and evening with medicinal acne-removing whitening cream. The CLEANE RACNE beauty device uses BT technology (LED blue light and thermal energy), and it only needs to irradiate the concerned area for 2 minutes and 30 seconds once a day to treat acne, make it visibly shrink and reduce inflammation, and will not leave scars.

Blue Light (blue light) irradiation (visible light wavelength of about 470 nm) and heat energy (about 45°C) reacts with acne-causing bacteria (Porphyrin), and repels acne bacteria and removes dirt caused by reactive oxygen species. And the excellent temperature activates the skin cells around the acne, so that the skin tissue is automatically repaired and healed, and the skin resistance is enhanced to reduce acne regeneration. 

The portable battery-type design can be used to place a 3A battery, and there is no need to worry about the adverse effects of drugs. The effect is immediately visible, and it does not damage the skin. It is very safe. Generally speaking, it takes three to four steps to treat acne or more, sometimes it takes more than a month for one step, and CLEANE RACNE beauty device can be said to be a revolutionary, acne treatment in 24 Effective within hours. 

※When using, the same part, once a day. The world's first: Use the smart phone of Android system to diagnose your skin condition. Only photos and images, you can understand it even if you don't understand Japanese.

Product made in Japan

A new generation of blue light acne removal pen and 6 in 1 anti-acne GEL CREAM

6 in 1 GEL CREAM

Moisturizer, Beauty Serum, Anti-Acne

Primer, MASK,

Toning 1 take too!

Can be used with introduction instrument, RF machine, cable tie

Welcome wholesale or small quantity inquiry price


Salon 1000ml  HKD $680


Customer Pack 250ML HKD $280

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