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100% Natural  , no preservatives, no artificial additives

A limited set of 3 of the most popular pure high-light fragrance floral waters... Believing in the power of nature

French brand NATURA  



The brand NATURA is reminiscent of NATURAL, and it is also the main concept of the brand - through the power of nature, the essence of different plants can be used to stabilize skin quality. NATURA is an organic brand under ENC Group. It is 100% NATURAL. Among the products. Minimize allergens. Also suitable for all skin types, skin of different ages, different methods of use. 

have soothing,  3 types of flower waters with different functions to calm emotions, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic




Jasmine is a relaxing and anti-depressant oil that is very suitable for skin care. It can treat hot skin, dry and sensitive skin,  To produce a little jasmine essential oil requires a very large amount of flowers, and the price is therefore very expensive


Lavender has bactericidal and pain-relieving properties, can promote wound healing, and can also soothe and calm the skin. It is a multi-purpose flower water and essential oil that can be used in any situation


Xieliang quality sandalwood is produced in East India. Sandalwood trees grow very slowly, and only very mature sandalwood trees that are almost dying of old age can be cut down. The cut trunks must first be eaten by ants on the outer layer of the trunk. , Only the central hardwood that cannot be invaded by insects in the inner trunk of the tree can be used as a building material. This is also the main part of distillation to produce essential oils, and the color ranges from yellow to dark brown. In addition to the original sandalwood smell, the flower water has a little acidity, and it is also beneficial to various Types of skin and skin conditions help. It can help dry and dehydrated skin, 

Price: $328   30ml x 3 


NATURA flower water extraction method is through traditional distillation method


water distillation  – The plant is completely immersed in water and the water is heated to boiling in the shortest possible time using high pressure. Water vapor passes from the pipes to the arranged plants, destroying the tissues of the plants. This water vapor is condensed into a liquid through the process of cooling the system, which contains both essential oils and hydrosol. When another process with a cooling system is carried out, it enters another container, because the specific gravity of the essential oil and the flower water is different, after a period of time, the essential oil and the flower water can be collected in different containers.

**Photo provided by manufacturer

How to use flower water:


1. After washing your face, it can be used as a toner, and it can be sprayed directly on the face for moisturizing effect.


2. The flower water can be mixed with skin care products, and its function can be enhanced on the product and the moisture level can be improved


3. It can be mixed with foundation to make the foundation easy to spread on the face, especially for dry skin


4. Can be sprayed directly on the hair for a light fragrance


5. Wet the cotton with flower water, and apply it on the belly of the eyes to soothe the skin around the eyes


6. When the skin is too oily, use a tissue to absorb the oil on the face and then spray the flower water to instantly refresh the skin

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