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Skin care products start from 1000 pieces per SKU

Regular Capacity: Serum: 50ml  /Face Cream 50ml / Face Wash: 150ml/

Toner: 150ml / Mask: 200g /  Mask paper: from 10,000 pieces

*The quasi medical products start from 3000 pieces per SKU



UV Care

​Serum/Facial Cream

Facial mask (paste/paper)

​lip care


The minimum order quantity for each SKU of cosmetics starts from 3000 pieces

liquid foundation/paste


Lipstick/Lip Gloss


CC Cream

​Rouge/Brow Powder


Hair supplies start from 1000 pieces per SKU

Regular Capacity: Essence: 50ml , Shampoo/Conditioner: 400ml , Hair Mask: 100g , Hair Oil: 50ml , Hair Growth/Scalp Essence: 100ml



Hair Mask/Hair Oil

​Scalp Essence

Hair Growth Essence




Strength & Professional

In addition to general health food, we have a wide range of product categories such as food for specific health uses and food with functional claims to meet all needs. We provide high-quality health food based on the "evidence" of our R&D capabilities from raw materials to products and our "comprehensive consulting capabilities" from product planning to promotional support.

Capsules/Pills from 1000 boxes per SKU

Regular capacity: 1 box of 90 capsules


Powder/Gel  The minimum order quantity for each SKU starts from 50,000 pieces

Regular capacity: powder can be 5g-20g/bar  Jelly: 8g-20g/bar (aluminum foil bag)

Please consult for other packaging types


​production product project

Exhaust system slimming products

Combustion system slimming products

Oil-absorbing slimming products

Functional products for sleep and weight loss

Enzyme products

Bone Health Products

Skin whitening products

vitamin pills

fish oil pills


green juice

eye protection

Liver protection

collagen drink

Meal Replacement

*The above products may have different forms, please consult for details

**Customers can also tell what functional products they want to discuss in detail

Lower cholesterol levels 
Relieve stress 
effective for diet 
boost immunity 
Suppress bad breath 
Prevent colon cancer 
Suppresses symptoms of ulcerative colitis 
active gut 
Improve rough skin 
Prevent stomach cancer 
Prevent hay fever 
Inhibit tooth decay 
Lower blood pressure suppress blood sugar rise

Each SKU of tea bags starts from 20,000 bags

Regular capacity: 3g , 5g , 8g / tea bag, 20 tea bags in a box

Product efficacy optional: 

nourishing and strong

Detoxification and bowel cleansing

Dispel cold and nourish yin

*The formula will vary according to the efficacy

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