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We support you from planning advice and formulation development to production and distribution with sincerity and sincerity.


STEP 1 Listening needs

Please tell us your thoughts on the product, such as what product to produce, image, etc.
The ODM sales department will listen carefully to your request.
Please tell us the characteristics, concept, specifications, etc. of the cosmetic you want.
Based on our extensive experience in cosmetic production, we make various recommendations.

Cosmetics, health food, etc. Please tell us your requirements.


STEP 2 Market research

We offer products that are competitive with our competitors.
With years of expertise in growing cosmetics, we will make more specific recommendations for the cosmetics required.
Don't worry if you don't know much about cosmetics.
With the extensive knowledge of cosmetic manufacturers, we will make your dreams come true.


STEP 3   Planning /      Packaging Design

Based on many years of experience in the field of ODM cosmetics, we will cooperate with professional departments.
We choose cosmetic containers and suggest packaging.
Customer requirements will gradually take shape.


STEP 4  prescription development

We have many foundations with excellent efficacy and safety.
We have developed various formulations based on our extensive skin care and cosmetic development achievements.
With proven cosmetics, we will meet your needs.


STEP 5  Quality management

Quality Assurance

We will provide security.
We are a cosmetic/pharmaceutical manufacturer with a reliable quality control system based on cosmetic and health food GMP in our own factory.
For ODM cosmetics, please leave it to us


STEP 6  Production

From small batches to large batches, we produce high-quality cosmetics in our own factory. With pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facilities, we offer proven medical skin care products. With years of experience in ODM cosmetics, we will provide satisfactory cosmetics.


STEP 7  logistics

We can arrange for the product to be shipped from Japan to your company's address. Deliver the product to the customer in the safest way

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