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Japanese vitality tea

Japanese vitality tea


Japanese Vitality Tea -- Made in Japan

Vitality tea can help strengthen the body's immune system, cleanse and moisturize the intestines, and make the body less susceptible to viruses!  Mainly because the active tea ingredients are as high as 95% all-natural ingredients, and also contain Japanese Ganoderma lucidum, which is theoretically listed as the most effective health care product in China. Just one cup a day can solve all your intestinal and body problems.

Japanese Vitality Tea contains 6 major natural ingredients to adjust the body every day!
1). Genmae : Prevention of cardiovascular disease
2) .Ganoderma lucidum : enhances immunity and has anti-tumor properties
3). Cassia seed : clear liver and eyesight, moisturizing the inside
4). Senna Stem : Resolve dry stools and bad breath
5). Chenpi : has the effect of promoting digestion
6). Turmeric : Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial

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