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Be Blanche Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Pills

Be Blanche Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Pills


Be Blanche  Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Pills (150 Capsules)


Hyaluronic acid whitening pills are produced by a 66-year-old Japanese company. In addition to whitening and removing yellowness, it also has a firming and moisturizing effect. Contains 18 essential amino acids for female beauty


Hyaluronic Acid :

Can penetrate into the dermis , with slightly dilated capillaries , Increase blood circulation , improve metabolism , promote skin nutrient absorption , It has strong anti - wrinkle function , can increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging .

Low molecular weight collagen :

Firming and wrinkling , moisturizing and moisturizing , restoring skin elasticity , whitening blemishes,  Make the skin delicate , firm , white and tender , fine lines , eye bags , dark spots , acne marks and acne disappear , Moisturize nails and hair , make nails smooth and bright , Hair is also soft and shiny , can exude a charming temperament and improve immunity .


eggshell membrane :

In traditional Chinese medicine , it is called Phoenix clothing . It contains protein , lipid , sugar , ash and 20 kinds of amino acids . It has a structure very close to that of human skin , It is the only natural material in nature that contains both collagen and hyaluronic acid . The eggshell membrane also contains hydroxyproline , a unique ingredient in human skin elastin , which can make the skin look delicate and smooth.


Red wine element :

Not only has strong antioxidant capacity , but also can scavenge free radicals , It can delay aging and prevent more than 70 diseases caused by free radicals . And effectively inhibit the production of skin melanin , to achieve the beauty effect of lightening melanin , freckle and whitening .


Vitamin C :

Whitening , Antioxidant , Improve Immunity , Metabolize cholesterol ( remove oil and lose weight ), promote calcium , iron , folic acid absorption , detoxification , Anti-cancer , reduce venous blood thrombus , postoperative recovery , cold , prevent scurvy . 


Whitening internal products focus on persistence, because it is not a drug, so it will not work quickly, but every day you may find that your skin is gradually becoming brighter and more supple!

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