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FASTZYME Fermentation Aesthetics

FASTZYME Fermentation Aesthetics


FASTZYME Yeast Aesthetics  (10 packs) - MADE IN JAPAN


Fastzyme is a plant-based lactic acid bacteria fermented beverage that uses more than 70 kinds of plants and fruits through repeated maturation and fermentation for three and a half years. It also contains rich vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antacids.
Vegetables and fruits from more than 50 cooperative agriculture in Kibi Plateau, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, and seasonal products of enzyme farming method, are put into barrels (one product per barrel) to ferment and mature. It has passed strict inspection of pesticide residues, harmful metals, radiation, and is very safe.


6 major features :
1). A 1 ° C rise in intestinal temperature can boost immunity by 37% - The intestine not only absorbs nutrients, but also maintains human immunity, metabolism, enzyme activity, and the most important internal organs in life. In the case of ingesting 30ML at a time, it has been confirmed that the intestinal temperature increases by 1°C after 10-15 minutes


2). 3 years and 6 months of long-term maturation and fermentation , containing D amino acids that are concerned - because of the long-term maturation and fermentation, organic acids such as lactic acid, acetic acid, and citric acid are increased, and various amino acids are also produced. Fastzyme contains a high concentration of D amino acid, a functional ingredient with a skin-refining effect that keeps the skin moist.


3) .Using plant lactic acid bacteria ( probiotics ) collected from all over the world - In addition to the natural fungi found in vegetables and fruits, Fastzyme also uses plant lactic acid bacteria with strong vitality selected from all over the world. It is matured and fermented with natural yeast.


4). Contains oligosaccharides ( prebiotics ) that probiotics love to eat - it can activate good bacteria in the intestines (for example: bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria), maintain a better intestinal environment , especially suitable for people with constipation .


5). Blood vessels . Changes in blood - According to a joint study by the Department of Health Science, Department of Life Sciences, Kurashiki University of Arts and Sciences , 30ml of continuous drinking showed that the softness of blood vessels was improved and the plaque in the blood was reduced.


6). Because it is good to drink , so continue to drink for a long time - slightly sweet and sour , fruity like honey. Because lactic acid bacteria are fermented, there is no unique smell of fermentation, and the original liquid can be drunk directly, or can be added to or drink with soda, which is very delicious.
Japan's clinical trial data of drinking Fastzyme can effectively improve the effect of laxative, weight loss and skin beautification 
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